Thursday, October 28, 2010

Harvest Festival Goers.. FREE ADMISSION!

If you live near San Jose, Pomona, Sacramento or San Mateo and are planning to attend one of the Harvest Festival Events, contact us for FREE VIP passes (while supply lasts) and tackle some of your Christmas shopping in a fun and festive environment.

Just drop us a line at and leave your name and mailing address and we'll pop some in the mail. Cheers!

PS If you are in the Sonora area, I also have discount coupons to the Sonora Christmas Festival Thanksgiving weekend!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

winner winner

Always such fun to come home with a blue ribbon as I am remembering back to my show days. Gregg & Tiana were the latest award winners in the GFF stable with this "Finest Fair Display" ribbon from the Los Angeles County Fair. Congratulations you two!

In other news, we are in the last week of our big 20% off promo. Visit our web store to save big on Garli Garni, all pickled garlics and our Roasted Dehydrated Garlic Pieces. No special codes, just place the already discounted items in your cart and $AVE!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Try This!!

We are excited to announce a new feature on our website starting today. Each week we will be posting Simple ideas ANYONE can use. Really! ANYONE! All you need are a few simple ingredients. Be sure to look for them on our front page and let us know what you think!! Try it!!