Monday, February 28, 2011

itsy "Bitsy" bulb

There is a new little "bulb" in da house. Bitsy Alli joined the family a couple of weeks ago after being rescued from an alley over in the valley. She was a tattered little thing who was scrounging in trash cans where our head honchette Caryl, found her and decided she needed to come home.

A few bowls of kibble and a much needed bath later we had ourselves a new mascot.. watch out Lorenzo!

Bitsy Alli likes to come to work and play with garlic bulbs (yes, really), "help" answer emails and take naps in her basket. She is so good and a lot of fun to have around the office. If only she caught mice!

Sometimes she gets to go home with me and play with her best friend, Sophie, my daughters kitten (rescued from a busy rural road on the way to school) who is the same age and size as Bitsy Alli. We're trying in vain to get some video of their antics because it is just downright funny. Not much success yet, but we hope soon.

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