Thursday, November 3, 2011

Garlic Festival Foods = $$$ for YOU

Do you love garlic? Want to earn some extra cash and make tons of new friends? Would you wear a bulb of garlic on your head?

Garlic Festival Foods is the original purveyor of garlic laced gourmet specialties and we’re looking for a few good wo(men) to share our products with friends, relatives and heck, maybe even a few strangers.
Garlic Festival Foods is currently seeking interested, garlic loving parties to become Independent Consultants who would like to start their own home based business selling something delicious that everyone can use. We are an established (25+ years), fun loving business with a product line recognized nationwide. We are ready and able to help you set up your own small business and provide you with excellent support.  

Our award winning line of gourmet garlic laden products virtually sell themselves, they just need a little assistance getting from bottle to tongue (or nose.) And unlike cookware, jewelry and candles our products are products that customers become "hooked" on, are used up, and reordered over and over again.  Food products are largely "recession proof" as people still have to eat everyday and, if necessary, cut back on large ticket items instead of staples.

For a small investment, you can earn money by selling delicious food products to friends, family, co-workers and at events such as Farmer's Markets, Fairs, Festivals and other events. 

Visit our website at: to learn more about the opportunities with costs available to you. 

Garlic Festival Foods

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