Tuesday, August 21, 2012

RX: Garlic for Colds & Flu

Our fearless leader has been struck down with the awful cold that has been traveling our small town despite the summer temps. I blame Back to School time.. with all the bugs and cooties the kids bring home from all the OTHER kids. Unfortunately it struck close to home and Caryl is home in bed nursing her headache and fever. I figured that it was time to pull out a cold and flu cures article from one of our past issues of The Garlic Hotline in preparation for when we all come down with it...

"There have been many studies on the uses of garlic to treat colds and flu. It has been shown that several strains of bacteria and viruses ( in addition to fungi, molds and parasites) can be killed or inhibited by garlic. Garlic stimulates the immune system, allergic reactions are rare and unlike conventional antibiotics, it is active against viruses. Following are a few of the ways it works as an antibiotic:
Oral raw garlic: kills infectious bacteria in the intestines directly.
• Garlic nose drops directly kill the viruses that cause cold and flu.
• Garlic's sulfur compounds, absorbed through food inhalation or poultices and then excreted through the lungs, are antibiotic to bacteria and viruses in the lungs and bronchial tract.
So, to prevent and/ or fight the nasty bugs this year try:

Garlic Shooter
Chop finely, 2-3 cloves of garlic. Add to a cup of juice. (of your choice, we like V8) Swirl and swallow.
Garlic Syrup
Chop, slice or blend ten to twelve garlic bulbs at a time. Place garlic in thin layers in a jar, alternating it with layers of sugar. Fill up half gallon jar with the layers. Let steep for two days. You'll find that the sugar pulls the fluid right out of the garlic. No added liquid necessary. Strain the liquid through a cloth. This syrup is excellent for coughs, bronchitis, congestion in lungs, colds, sore throats, laryngitis, hoarseness, etc.

Garlic Tea
Add several chopped cloves of garlic to 1/2 cup boiling water and let steep for 6-8 hours. Gargle for sore throats, or swallow to ease flu symptoms.

And finally, a recipe that might be a bit more palatable to those who are not HARDCORE garlic eaters..

 Garlic Soup for the Flu
•2 qts chicken stock ( preferably homemade)
• 4-6 sprigs parsley
• 20 cloves fresh garlic
• 2 Tbsp soy sauce
• 1/4 C sherry
Salt & Fresh ground pepper to taste

Simmer all ingredients for approximately 1 hour. Strain and serve HOT! Refrigerate remainder and reheat as needed.

Excerpted from The Healing Power of Garlic by Paul Bergner.

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