Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Gifts and New Digs!

Ugh, you guys.. I wrote a whole long post and then my computer ATE it.. No Garli Garni or anything.. just... gone!

ANYWAY! I wanted to share a few pictures of our new little "showroom". We participated in San Benito County's second Annual Shop Hop this past weekend. Unfortnately, we are not located downtown and the weather was not the greatest so we only had a handful of visitors but it was still fun. We got to hang out together, eat yummy food, drink wine and bask in the holiday glow. 

I think I mentioned a couple months back that we were expending our office space and moving to the warehouse next door. ( ugh) That move included a new showroom space and we had a lot of fun decking it out for the holidays.

We welcome folks to come visit us.. locals or garlic lovers just passing through. Just give us a call and come on out. We have all of your favorite Garlic Festival® products on hand plus some pretty snazzy gift baskets too! 1803 Shelton Drive #104 in Hollister, CA. 831-638-9556


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