Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013 Garlic

The Year’s First Garden Garlic~2013
From Garlic Festival Foods Garden

While the first commercial garlic of the year is yet to be harvested in California, our garden has yielded this beautiful pink variety and another Asian variety, the seed of which was given to me by a gardener friend. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the variety, but note the large separated cloves and tan color, unlike California Early & California Late, which are very large and white. 

Often grown organically, some of these other colorful varieties can be found at farmers markets throughout the country. Many have a spicy and pungent flavor. Try a variety and see what you like.        
Avoid imported Chinese varieties found in stores and identifiable by their completely bare root area.

These garlic bulbs have been drying for a few days but are uncleaned and unclipped.
These have been cleaned of their outer dirty skins and are now ready to store in a cool, dry place (or eaten)!

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  1. From a fellow Garlic lover I would suggest trying Black Garlic as an alternative. It offers further health benefits and has no odour, so no bad breath! It also adds a sweet balsamic flavour. (I'm English not spelling wrong, by the way!)

    Lovely to be connected on Twitter by the way, from Black Garlic UK