Thursday, September 30, 2010

Garlic Apple Jammin'

Have you tried our Garlic Festival Spicy Apple Garlic Jam (Garli Glaze) yet? No?! Well you're missing out. We introduced in a couple years ago at the Gilroy Garlic Festival to much acclaim!!

I love it on pork as a glaze or on the side of lamb, or just dumped on top of cream cheese with crackers, but we have a new recipe for your to try a la Caryl's Kitchen.

Garlicky Soy Salmon Steaks

Mix the Garli Glaze with about an equal amount of soy sauce. Choose about 1 inch thick salmon steaks and baste with glaze. Place under broiler and broil until just done (about 5-7 mins.), basting a couple of times during cooking. Top with remaining glaze & serve. Shown here served with Quinoa Pilaf.. we'll get the recipe up for that soon.

What are you cooking these days??

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