Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Winner winner, Taco Dinner

With it being Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, we thought it only fitting to announce the FIRST winner of our Garlic Festival® Product of the Month recipe contest!  

Tyler Rodgers, Native Gilroyan and lover of garlic sent us this yummy taco recipe featuring our Chipotle Garlic Lime Garli Goop.

Tyler is a 5th generation Californian and loves the beauty of outdoors. Foodie, Home-brewer, Lover of Beets. You'll find him out and about in the wilderness combining his passion for cooking and dancing. 

He enjoys cooking for his Family and girlfriend and developing new recipes that are based on fresh, organic, healthy vegetable ingredients.  His favorite Garlic Festival Food products are Jalapeno Garlic Mustard and Spicy Herb Pickled Garlic.

So Congratulations Tyler and Thanks for being the first of what we hope will be MANY Product of the Month winners!

Heart Healthy GOOP Tacos ( Vegetarian and Vegan friendly! - or if you prefer dairy and meat you can always substitute according to your taste).  This recipe is simple and takes only 20 minutes to make and its delicious!

• 1 packet Garlic Chipotle Lime Garli Goop
• 1 bag or container of meatless "ground meat" * substitute ground beef, pork, or chicken according to your preference
• 1 small can tomato sauce
• 1 tub Tofutti (non-dairy) sour cream - or real sour cream if you prefer
• 4 oz jar Garlic Festival Spicy Salsa
• 2 cups crunchy shredded lettuce
• your favorite Corn tortillas


• Empty bag/container of meatless "ground meat" into a saute pan over medium heat. Then, in a separate bowl mix one can tomato sauce with 1/2 of the Garlic Chipotle Lime Garli Goop packet (save the other half for later step).  Add mixture to saucepan and cook on medium until hot, stir frequently.

Empty one cup sour cream in a  small mixing bowl - you can eyeball this amount. Mix the remaining 1/2 packet of Garli Goop with the sour cream. Set aside and use later to top your tacos.

Heat up your corn tortillas as desired (microwave, stove, oven)

When the taco "meat" is done sauteing, assemble your taco...use about 1/4 cup of "meat", one generous spoonful of Garlic Festival Foods Spicy salsa, another generous spoonful of sour cream mixture.  Top with shredded lettuce. 

• For additional flavor you can add a few sliced up Garlic Jalepe├▒o Stuffed Olives into the taco.

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