Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Watching Weight

So a couple of us joined Weight Watchers and it has come up repeatedly how good MOST of our Garlic Festival products are for those folks who are trying to watch their weight but don't want to miss out on some great flavor.

Obviously Garli Garni is a natural choice for those looking to jazz up diet dishes. Its fat free, gluten free and has no MSG and as you know, it is PACKED with flavor.

Well, one of my FAVORITE products is our Grill & Marinade sauce. I find it very versatile to use and it is chock full of flavor too.

Last night I discovered that I had used up more points than I had planned before dinner so I had to come up with something to eat that was low in points but filling. I had a couple of beautiful Portabella mushrooms in my fridge that I had marinated with our Grill & Marinade.

I only had to use a few tablespoons because it is so potent. I just made sure the mushrooms were well coated and let them sit. When we were ready to eat, hubby fired up the grill and put them on as I sauteed an onion in a touch of olive oil (with a dash of Garli Garni) until they were brown and caramelized. When we were ready to eat I put just a swipe of lo fat mayo and some GF mustard on a sandwich thin along with the mushroom, about a Tbsp of blue cheese crumbles and topped with the onions. They were DELICIOUS! and filling and juicy! Hubby LOVED it. And, when all was said and done I figured it came out to only about 7 Weight Watcher points! Thats a pretty good meal when accompanied by some veggies and salad.

So, whether you are on Weight Watchers yourself, trying to lose a few extra pounds or just LOVE your veggies, I recommend you try this recipe. Its easy and tasty!

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