Thursday, June 28, 2012


Who else here has caught the Pinterest bug? I have been purposely avoiding the site lately because I know if I go there I will be sucked into a vacuum of inspiration from which I may not escape for hours :) I love visiting and finding new recipes, home projects and as an artist.. art inspiration.

Recently, for fun, I searched for "Garlic" to see what would pop up and as per usual a treasure trove of inspiration popped up. I am sharing just a few of my favorites with you here ...

How beautiful is this tattoo? I love it!

These look SO GOOD!! Recipe here:
I just thought this was cute. Keep those vampires away!!

With it being harvest time for Garlic, this caught my eye. Soon we will have  fresh garlic and braids available for sale at Garlic Festival Foods. Can't wait! 

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