Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Simple Summer Avocado Salad

Simple Summer Avocado Salad

As simple and delicious as it gets! A great 4th of July and all around summer recipe......They're in!  California avocados; creamy, tasty and healthy!

Did you know that avocados don't ripen until they're picked?  I buy several and put 2-3 in the kitchen to ripen and keep the rest cool and dark to slow their ripening until I'm ready for them. And then........simply cut them in half, brush with lemon or lime juice, fill the cavity with Garlic Festival Spicy or Mild Salsa and arrange on a lettuce leaf or bed of greens.

Serve alone or mix the salsa with baby shrimp before filling the avocado or serve a couple of large cooked prawns on the side.   

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