Tuesday, March 1, 2011

spring tease

When you visit our home page, you may have noticed that our banners change with the seasons. Its something we planned our new site around and its fun and challenging to keep the content fresh and changing.

Usually, most of the images you see in these banners are from our immediate area. Snapshots of our surroundings at any given time. We find our area so very beautiful, bountiful and inspiring and we try to draw from those things every day.

Our current banner is a little teaser of spring. I think we're a little closer to it than many of our fans in other states, however just when we start feeling a little cocky we DO get some crazy weather. Just this past weekend it SNOWED in our area! This is extremely rare, only occurring every 10 years or so. So we got put in our place a little bit but we can still drive or walk around and see little clues that spring is near.

*Blossom photo by my gifted photographer friend Joleen.

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